I'm a musician and old music technology aficionado. Beside retro computer culture I'm a big fan of early days of electronic music and avant-garde movement: musique concrete, tape music, live electronic etc.

I live in Cracow, Poland where I enjoy my family life and job in a creative industry. 

The core gear I use consists of Atari 65 XE (mostly), Commodore 64 (sometimes) and Access Virus TI2.

And the following software:
  • Raster Music Tracker (PC/Atari)
  • Theta Music Composer 2.0 (Atari)
  • SID-Wizard (C64)
  • Renoise (general tracking, sketches etc.)
  • Steinberg Cubase (Virus MIDI controlling)

If you wish to contact me please feel free to do it. I'll be happy to read and respond to your message.

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Thanks for reading!